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This pocket design has been created for the Debonair collection by local artist Jo Myers-Walker. Jo is an Iowa native with a passion for artwork and making her community a better place. This abstract watercolor design showcases both Jo’s beautiful style as well as the Debonair minimalist design language. A portion of the proceeds of each purchase goes to Jo. To learn more and see more of her wonderful artwork, visit

Proceeds of this shirt also go to the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery. They believe that human trafficking “is a crime against the most basic human rights” and fight every day to end it by working to provide survivors with resources to build new lives and heal as well as shutting down human trafficking in all forms. I-NAHT focuses on fighting trafficking through education, advocating for effective prevention, intervention, rescue, recovery services and creating effective legislation and public policy. For more information or ways to show support, please visit

Your purchase of the JMW Charity Shirt supports both local art and culture as well as the constant betterment of the community- the Debonair lifestyle in a nutshell!

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